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FICS-FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


The admins at this site can be very busy so, if you find a bug or have questions, read this first:

  1. How do I register?
    Read the register help file - "help register".
  2. Can I have more than one account?
    Only if for blind or computer reasons.
  3. Can more than one person share an account?
  4. Can I be an admin?
    No, we currently have a sufficient number of admins, thanks.
  5. Can I help with programming?
    No. The source is being developed and maintained by connex and knopper, but of course you can ask about the implementation of new features.
  6. Who's programming?
    Connex (Special features, maintaining, debugging) Knopper (Security and Statistic features, add-ons, Unix-dependent stuff)

    Thanks to Richard Nash (red) and Michael Moore for the old fics code.

  7. Where else can I play FREE chess?
    see "help addresses"
  8. Where do I get an interface from?
    see "help interfaces"
  9. Where can I get the latest code from?
    The general fics source code is available at in pub/chess. The local add-ons and special features added by connex are not public available, please ask connex about the latest release.
  10. I don't like admin x. Admin y is treating me badly.
    Should never happen, except if you are an abuser or offending other people on the server and get punished.
  11. What is ICC?
    ICC is a commercial chess site at You pay a monthly fee for playing and using services there.
  12. I can't shout!
    Are you unreg or have you been muzzled?
  13. I can't play rated.
    Have both of you "set rated 1"? Are you registered?
  14. How do I use the --> name thing I see displayed?
    Use "it" "i" or ":" followed by a message
  15. The board is the wrong way up.
    Problem flip in style 12 - old ZIICS and SLICS are affected.
  16. Can't promote (xboard).
    Try e7e8 for a queen.
  17. How do I continue a game that was adjourned?
    "match" the player again, and it will resume the game if the player accepts
  18. I've got an old account here, I can't remember my password.
    Ask an admin for help - be ready to verify your email address.
  19. Is there any wild?
    Yes .. and rated, too.
  20. How many channels can I be in?
    As many as you like, do "help channel" for predefined ones.
  21. How do I withdraw a match request?
    Type "withdraw".
  22. I have a slow connection and frequently lose on time - what can I do?
    Timeseal, a special program to synchronize your clock with the clock of your opponent, is available at our WWW site at Otherwise get your opponent to do "moretime #".
  23. I suddenly got a Connection closed message.
    1. There has been a shutdown.
    2. There has been a crash (does not happen a lot).
    3. The server dumped you for some reason.
    4. You hit Control-C.
    5. You got nuked.
  24. How long do shutdowns last and why?
    About 2-15 Minutes. Sometimes we need to add new code or fix bugs - please bear with us. There is a shutdown on GICS every morning at 6am.
  25. How do I get further help?
    Follow these steps:
    1. "+channel 1"
    2. "tell 1 help me!"
    3. When you are done, you can type "-channel 1" to exit this channel.
  26. How do I pause a long file from scrolling?
    Use ctrl q and ctrl s - or use your scroll bar. Also, "set height ##" fixes how many lines will be displayed.

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Klaus Knopper <>