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1ADAY10.ZIP     MAIN    16K     09/92   Runs files once a day, weekly, or
                                        on a specific day of the month.

25084A.TXT      IDE     9K      11/94   25084A 2.5" IDE drive

25128A.TXT      IDE     7.1K    11/94   2.5" IDE Drive

25252A.TXT      IDE     8.9K    11/94   2.5" IDE Drive

25252S.TXT      SCSI    6.6K    12/92   2.5" SCSI Drive

2585A.TXT       IDE     7.0K    11/94   2.5" IDE Drive

2SOCKET.DOC     PCMCIA  2.7K    11/94   2-Socket application for 10MB or 
                                        greater flashcards This document
                                        is in WS for Windows 2.0 Format

3130S.TXT       SCSI    2.7K    01/89   MiniScribe SCSI

3180S.TXT       SCSI    2.7K    09/89   MiniScribe SCSI

3DRVS260.ZIP    MAIN    73K     11/93   Device driver to add a 2nd 16bit
                                        HDD interface to your DOS AT
                                        (286+) system, Window compatible, 
                                        Shareware, Version 2.60 
                                        by Dustbowl Designs

4DRVU100.ZIP    MAIN    32K     11/93   Inquiry for drives on both primary 
                                        and seconday drive ports. 
                                        Shareware, V1.0 
                                        by Dustbowl Designs.

4SPD100.ZIP     MAIN    64K     11/93   Graphical Hard Drive test utility.
                                        Shareware, V1.0 by Dustbowl Designs.

7000LLF.EXE     IDE     47K     03/96   7000A series Low Level Format program
                                        Self-extracting zip file

7040A.TXT       IDE     8.0K    11/94   7040A IDE Drive

7040AI.TXT      IDE     8.0K    11/94   7040AI IDE Drive
                                        Manufactured for IBM

7040S.TXT       SCSI    9.2K    06/92   7040S SCSI Drive

7060A.TXT       IDE     7.6K    11/94   7060A IDE Drive

7060S.TXT       SCSI    9.4K    01/93   7060S SCSI Drive

7080A.TXT       IDE     8.1K    11/94   7080A IDE Drive

7080AI.TXT      IDE     8.1K    11/94   7080AI IDE Drive
                                        Manufactured for IBM

7080S.TXT       SCSI    9.3K    06/92   7080S SCSI  Drive

71050A.TXT      IDE     10K     12/94   71050A Enhanced IDE Drive

7120A.TXT       IDE     7.6K    11/94   7120A IDE Drive

7120AI.TXT      IDE     7.6K    11/94   7120AI IDE Drive
                                        Manufactured for IBM

7120S.TXT       SCSI    8.9K    06/92   7120S SCSI Drive

71260A.TXT      IDE     10K     12/94   71260A Enhanced IDE Drive

7131A.TXT       IDE     10K     11/94   7131A IDE Drive

7135AV.TXT      IDE     7.9K    09/94   7135AV Enhanced IDE Drive

7170A.TXT       IDE     11K     11/94   7170A IDE Drive

7170AI.TXT      IDE     9.8K    11/94   7170AI IDE Drive 
                                        Manufactured for IBM

7171A.TXT       IDE     12K     12/94   7171A IDE Drive

7213A.TXT       IDE     9.7K    12/94   7213A IDE Drive

7213S.TXT       SCSI    9.9K    01/93   7213S SCSI Drive

7245A.TXT       IDE     11K     12/94   7245A IDE Drive

7245S.TXT       SCSI    6.0K    06/93   7245S SCSI Drive

7270AV.TXT      IDE     7.9K    09/94   7270AV Enhanced IDE Drive

7273A.TXT       IDE     9.5K    09/94   7273A Enhanced IDE Drive

7345A.TXT       IDE     10K     12/94   7345A IDE Drive

7345S.TXT       SCSI    10K     06/93   7345S SCSI Drive

7405A.TXT       IDE     7.9K    09/94   7405A  Enhanced IDE Drive

7405AV.TXT      IDE     7.9K    09/94   7405AV Enhanced IDE Drive

7420AV.TXT      IDE     7.9K    12/94   7420AV EIDE Drive

7425AV.TXT      IDE     9.8K    12/94   7425AV Enhanced IDE Drive

7540AV.TXT      IDE     8.9K    09/94   7540AV Enhanced IDE Drive

7546A.TXT       IDE     10K     09/94   7546AT Enhanced IDE Drive

7850AV.TXT      IDE     10K     12/94   7850AV Enhanced IDE Drive

8051A.TXT       IDE     3.0K    07/93   MiniScribe IDE

8051S.TXT       SCSI    2.6K    08/93   MiniScribe SCSI

8000LLF.EXE     IDE     48K     06/96   8000A series Low Level Format program
                                        For use with the
                                        CrystalMax Family of Drives
                                        Self-extracting zip file

80875A.TXT      IDE     13K     10/96   80875A Enhanced 875MB IDE Drive
                                        CrystalMax Family of Drives

81312A.TXT      IDE     13K     10/96   81312A Enhanced 1.3GB IDE Drive
                                        CrystalMax Family of Drives

81750A.TXT      IDE     13K     10/96   81750A Enhanced 1.75GB IDE Drive
                                        CrystalMax Family of Drives

82187A.TXT      IDE     13K     10/96   82187A Enhanced 2.1GB IDE Drive
                                        CrystalMax Family of Drives

82625A.TXT      IDE     13K     10/96   82625A Enhanced 2.6GB IDE Drive
                                        CrystalMax Family of Drives

83062A.TXT      IDE     13K     10/96   83062A Enhanced 3.0GB IDE Drive
                                        CrystalMax Family of Drives

83500A.TXT      IDE     13K     10/96   83500A Enhanced 3.5GB IDE Drive
                                        CrystalMax Family of Drives

8225A.TXT       IDE     2.7K    09/89   MiniScribe

8425S.TXT       SCSI    2.5K    01/89   MiniScribe SCSI

8450A.TXT       IDE     2.7K    09/89   MiniScribe

9380S.TXT       SCSI    2.7K    02/89   MiniScribe SCSI

9780S.TXT       SCSI    2.7K    01/89   MiniScribe SCSI

ACCULOG.TXT     3RDPTY  5.9K    10/93   Acculogic IDE controller cards

AMIGA.ZIP       MAIN    3.5K    12/93   Amiga computer installation
                                        notes and tips

AN001HP.DOC     PCMCIA  15K     11/94   1 MB Flashcard installation 
                                        procedure for HP 95LX Palmtop PC 
                                        MS Word for Windows 2.0 format

AN002HP.DOC     PCMCIA  12K     11/94   2MB+ Flashcard install HP 95LX PC
                                        2MB thru 20MB Flashcard installation
                                        procedure for HP 95LX Palmtop PC 
                                        MS Word for Windows 2.0 format

AN003HP.DOC     PCMCIA  12K     11/94   1 MB Flashcard installation procedure
                                        for HP 100LX/200LX Palmtop PC
                                        MS Word for Windows 2.0 format

AN004HP.DOC     PCMCIA  10K     11/94   2MB+ Flashcard install HP x00LX PC
                                        2MB thru 20MB Flashcard installation
                                        procedure for HP 100LX/200LX 
                                        Palmtop PC 
                                        MS Word for Windows 2.0 format

ATAPI.SYS       MAIN    .4K     01/96   Latest Verson ATAPI (EIDE + IDE CD-ROM)
                                        Driver for Windows NT
                                        From Microsoft

                                        tools to check the temperature of a 
                                        MaxOptix Tahiti Sub-System (TX-TEMP) 
                                        and Scanning all Host Adapters for 
                                        SCSI-Devices (SCANSCSI). 
                                        All You need is an ASPI-DOS Driver 
                                        installed for each Host Adapter.

AT_V1.ZIP       MAIN    11K     09/92   ASPI-Tools contains:
                                        SCANSCSI. UNITATTN.EXE, 
                                        TX-TEMP.EXE, FMT-512, 

AUTOCORE.EXE    MAIN    101K    02/95   Runs CORETEST in automatic mode. 
                                        That is, it executes Coretest 
                                        multiple times changing 
                                        the block size on each run.

BEEPCODE.DOC    MAIN    652     11/93   List of what errors the
                                        Beep codes stand for in the 
                                        American Megatrends Intl' BIOS

BIOSBNCH.ZIP    MAIN    159K    08/93   BIOS Bench Mark
                                        Maxtor BIOS Benchmark program.
                                        Sorry, no documentataion, how to 
                                        use it and interpretation of 
                                        results is up to you.

BOOT140.ZIP     MAIN    81K     10/93   Boot Mgr Pgm
                                        Manages boot up enviornments, ie:
                                        different CONFIG.SYS and 

CACHE.EXE       MAIN    3.6K    08/93   Turn 7000A CACHE on or off

CARD112.EXE     PCMCIA  49K     06/94   Cardlock - Lock
                                        access to MobileMax Drvs
                                        Cardlock V1.12  Limit access to 
                                        your MobileMax card with single 
                                        or multiple passwords.

CARDTALK.EXE    PCMCIA  618K    11/94   Cardtalk V2.20.15 drivers for
                                        Deskrunner PC/AT PCMCIA adapter
                                        Self-extracting ZIP file.

CLEAN112.ZIP    MAIN    271K    03/94   McAffee Virus Clean V112

COMPORT.DOC     PCMCIA  4.2K    11/94   Deskrunner COM Port problem tips
                                        Some solutions for COM Port 
                                        problems encountered while 
                                        installing Deskrunner.
                                        MS Word for Windows 2.0 Format.

CORETEST.EXE    MAIN    64K     05/88   CORETEST Hard disk benchmark utility

CRYSTAL.TXT     IDE     13K     10/96   Specifications for CrystalMax 
                                        Family of EIDE Drives
                                        Model Numbers:
                                                       83500A - 3.5GB
                                                       83062A - 3.0GB
                                                       82625A - 2.6GB
                                                       82187A - 2.1GB
                                                       81750A - 1.7GB
                                                       81312A - 1.3GB
                                                       80875A - 875MB

CT-303.EXE      PCMCIA  944K    07/94   Cardtalk V3.03 for Maxtor Deskrunner
                                        Self-Extracting ZIP file

DBK310.ZIP      PCMCIA  1.1M    05/95   Latest release of Deskrunner Drivers

DESKRUNR.TXT    PCMCIA  4.7K    01/94   PC/AT Adapter for desktop computers

DISABLE         MAIN    23K     10/93   MAC Pgm. Make MXT drives MAC Compat.
                                        Makes MXT-1240S & MXT-540SL 
                                        MAC compatible by disabling Unit 
                                        Attention. MAC Pgm should have 
                                        Extent of NIT!

DMOS2INS.TXT    MAIN    4.4K    04/95   Installation procedure for 
                                        Disk Manager and OS/2 
                                        Written By: David Meisner
                                        For reference only.
                                        Contact IBM for support.

DO-ONC14.ZIP    MAIN    10K     10/92   Run a file once a day or week
                                        Runs a file once a day or once a 
                                        week on bootup, for instance; 
                                        CHKDSK 1st thing in the morning 
                                        or a Virus Check every Monday.

DQWIK211.ZIP    MAIN    129K    08/94   DiskQwik v2.11 - Driver activates
                                        IDE block mode transfer.

DRS120.ZIP      MAIN    114K    02/92   Data Recovery Software:
                                        Reads BAD disks

DRVSYS.TXT      PCMCIA  2.0K    11/94   Adjusting CardTalk Drv Letter 
                                        How to use DRIVER.SYS to 
                                        reassign the drive letter for 
                                        your PCMCIA Hardrive in a 
                                        DESKRUNNER PCMCIA 

DSKPDR.EXE      MAIN    69K     10/93   HDD Diagnostic Pgm V1.6 
                                        Tests IDE drives, either distructive
                                        or non-distructive. By Larry Clanton
                                        Self-extracting ZIP file.

DSK_APP.DOC     PCMCIA  5.2K    11/94   Deskrunner installation tips
                                        Troubleshooting tips for installing
                                        Mobilemax 1.8" hard disk drives into
                                        Deskrunner PC/AT to PCMCIA 
                                        adapter. MS Word for Windows 
                                        2.0 format

DUGIDE10.ZIP    MAIN    12K     01/93   Show the IDE disk info.
                                        Includes C source code

DYNABOOT.ZIP    MAIN    32K     10/93   Boot Mgr Pgm
                                        Boot up management, ie: different
                                        AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS 

ESDI-INFO       HTML    ---     02/96   Where to get support on ESDI drives

ESDI.ZIP        MAIN    13K     08/93   Specs & Jumpers for all ESDI drives

ESDIDISK.EXE    MAIN    63K     08/93   Compsurf Novell 2.15C w/WD1007-9 Cltr
                                        A Version of "Compsurf" to initialize
                                        Maxtor ESDI drives for Novell 
                                        Versions 2.15 to 2.2 (Use this instead 
                                        of the Novell supplied version of 
                                        Compsurf) * For use with Western 
                                        Digital 1007 & 1009 ESDI Controllers 

ESTIMA11.ZIP    MAIN    23K     11/94   Estimate storage needs for 
                                        back-up of files on hard disk.

FAQ20A.ZIP      MAIN    22K     07/92   Freq. Asked Questions about OS/2 2.0

FBECCS.ZIP      MAIN    11K     10/93   FBE Config Control Sys V1.5
                                         Boot manager program.

FIPS12.ZIP      MAIN    104K    11/94   FIPS: Nondestructive partition 
                                        split utility

FLEXP300.ZIP    MAIN    217K    07/93   Flexibak Plus: Hard disk backup 

FRE561.ZIP      MAIN    20K     01/94   Multi-drive disk space check info 
                                        with graphic display.

GEOCLOCK.ZIP    MAIN    103K    10/93   Colorful world clock/map
                                        Shows world map with daylite
                                        /nighttime shadow.

GREENDRV.ZIP    MAIN    11K     04/94   To place 7000A drives in 
                                        "sleep mode"
                                        Programable standby mode. 
                                        Cause drive to spin down and 
                                        park after X amount of time
                                        with no activity. 
                                        X = 20 sec. to 21.2 min. 
                                        Energy Star compliant, 
                                        AKA: Green PC.
                                        Version 2.2 
                                        by Sean Dykstra

HIDDIR.ZIP      MAIN    45K     08/93   Creates and manipulates hidden
                                        directories under the MS/PC DOS
                                        enviornment. Great for parents with
                                        curious kids, and vice versa. Doesn't
                                        show up in DOS nor in Windows, but 
                                        are nonetheless still accessible. 
                                        Source code included, Quick Pascal 

IDE.DOC         IDE     2.7K    01/94   Generic "How To" IDE installation
                                        IDE Install example

IDE.EXE         IDE     85K     09/94   Data on all IDE drives,
                                        IDE specs, CMOS, & Jumper 
                                        settings for all Maxtor IDE Drives 
                                        Self-Extracting ZIP File

IDEID150.ZIP    MAIN    25K     08/93   Displays info on ide drives

IDEINF10.ZIP    MAIN    30K     08/94   Displays info on IDE drives, 
                                        including ATA-2

IDEINFO.ZIP     MAIN    3.8K    01/93   Excellent utility reads IDE firmware.

IDENTIFY.EXE    MAIN    27K     03/94   Identify IDE drives, Finds Cylinders,
                                        heads, sectors per track etc. also 
                                        shows serial #.

IDE_CMOS.TXT    IDE     6.7K    09/94   Parameter listing for all IDE drives
                                        List of CMOS perameter 
                                        settings for all IDE drives.

IDE_CTLR.TXT    IDE     1.9K    12/93   Maxtor IDE adapter card
                                        Jumper settings, ANSII Drawing 
                                        for Maxtor IDE adapter card.

LXT-200A.TXT    IDE     5.2K    07/93   LXT-200A/AT IDE Drive

LXT-200S.TXT    SCSI    4.1K    05/93   LXT-200S SCSI Drive

LXT-213A.TXT    IDE     6.1K    07/93   LXT-213A/AT IDE Drive

LXT213S.TXT     SCSI    5.1K    04/93   LXT-213S/SY SCSI Drive

LXT-340A.TXT    IDE     6.1K    07/93   LXT-340A/AT IDE Drive

LXT-340S.TXT    SCSI    4.9K    05/93   LXT-340S/SY SCSIDrive

LXT-535A.TXT    IDE     6.1K    07/93   LXT-535A/AT IDE Drive

LXT-535S.TXT    SCSI    4.9K    05/93   LXT-535S/SY SCSI Drive

LXTLLF.EXE      IDE     37K     03/96   Low Level Format program for 
                                        LXT-xxxA drives only
                                        self-extracting zip file

MAX-AT.ZIP      MAIN    85K     10/93   Maxtor IDE drive test program.

MAXBLAST.EXE    MAIN    407K    06/96   Max*Blast v7.12
                                        (aka: Ontrack's Disk Manager)
                                        Max*Blast software is required 
                                        to install drives larger than 528
                                        megabytes on a standard IDE 
                                        interface or on an older BIOS.
                                        NOTE: *If you are using an EIDE 
                                        interface this file is NOT required, 
                                        use the drivers provided with your 
                                        interface for correct installation.
                                        *Providing your BIOS or interface 
                                        support LBA.
                                        USEAGE:  "MAXBLAST -d A:"
                                        This creates sub-directories 
                                        for OS/2 & Win NT.

MAXOPTIC.ZIP    MAIN    81K     05/93   Diagnostic Utility for Maxoptix 
                                        Read, Write, Compare, Low Level 
                                        Format, any Maxoptix products. 
                                        Tahiti, RXT, etc.

MAXTESTS.EXE    MAIN    134K    10/93   MAXTEST
                                        To modify SCSI drive data table
                                        (Capacity, Bytes per Sector, etc) 
                                        Designed for use on an Adaptec 
                                        154X controller (or compatible)
                                        Self-extracting ZIP file

MB60305.EXE     MAIN   354K     03/95   MAX*BLAST Version 6.03.05

MINISCRB.ZIP    MAIN    56K     04/94   Text file on all MiniScribe drives 
                                        Does not cover all jumpers

MMFLASH.TXT     PCMCIA  6.9K    01/94   Flash Memory Modules 1.5-19.5MB

MOBILMAX.TXT    PCMCIA  4.5K    01/94   105MB 1.8" Hard Disk Drive

MUD_2_0.ZIP     MAIN    147K    07/96   Maxtor Utility Disk V2.0
                                        Contains Maxtor Utilities 
                                        and Drive Specs.

MXLINIT.EXE     PCMCIA  21K     03/94   For initializing MobileMAX 
                                        PCMCIA Hard Disk Drives

MXT1240S.TXT    SCSI    11K     02/93   MXT-1240S SCSI Drive

MXT540AL.TXT    IDE     8.7K    07/93   MXT-540A/AL IDE Drive

MXT540SL.TXT    SCSI    11K     02/93   MXT-540S/SL SCSI Drive

MXTA_53.EXE     MAIN    41K     03/94   MXT540A/AL Frimware Rev 5.3
                                        firmware 540

MXTA_54.EXE     MAIN    40K     03/94   MXT540A/AL Firmware Rev 5.4
                                        Firmware Upgrade for MXT-540AT.
                                        Use only if you have a problem, or 
                                        is recommended by a technician.
                                        Self-extracting ZIP file.

MXTA_55.EXE     MAIN    40K     03/94   MXT540A/AL Firmware Rev 5.5
                                        Firmware Upgrade for MXT-540AT.
                                        Use only if you have a problem, 
                                        or is recommended by a technician.
                                        Self-extracting ZIP file

MXTA_60.EXE     MAIN    41K     03/94   MXT540A/AL Firmware Rev 6.0
                                        Firmware Upgrade for MXT-540AT.
                                        Use only is you have a problem, or 
                                        recommended by a technician.
                                        Self-extracting ZIP file

MXTLLF.EXE      IDE     30K     04/96   Low Level Format for MXT-540A/AL Only
                                        self-extracting zip file

MXT_1-5.ZIP     MAIN    205K    01/94   MXT-540/1240S  Firmware 
                                        upgrade Version 1.5

MXT_SPIN.ZIP    MAIN    17K     04/94   MXTxxxxS Spinup delay program
                                        Spinup delay modification for 
                                        MXT1240S & MXT540S/SL 
                                        drives. For use if you don't have 
                                        a big enough power supply to 
                                        power more than one SCSI drive 
                                        up at a time. Inserts a 11-13 second 
                                        spinup delay between drives.

OMNIBK.DOC      PCMCIA  4.0K    11/94   MXL install tips for HP 
                                        OmniBook300/430 300/430 
                                        laptop systems 
                                        MS Word for Windows 2.0 format

ONBOOT.ZIP      MAIN    5.4K    10/93   Control autoexec program executions
                                        Have AUTOEXEC programs run 
                                        Daily, on Warmboot only, or on 
                                        Coldboot only.

OS2IBM75.DOC    PCMCIA  6.6K    11/94   MXL install IBM Thinkpad 750 - OS/2
                                        Tips for MXL drive install into IBM
                                        Thinkpad 750 using OS/2 
                                        MS Word for Windows 2.0 format

OS2TOSH.DOC     PCMCIA  7.1K    11/94   MXL install tips for Toshiba - OS/2
                                        Configuration of MXL hard drive in
                                        Toshiba T4500, T4600, T4700 
                                        systems running OS/2 ver 2.1 
                                        MS Word for Windows 2.0 format

PANTHER.TXT     SCSI    13K     05/92   Panther P0-12S & P1-17S SCSI drives
                                        Panther P0-12S 1.2GB & 
                                        P1-17S 1.7GB SCSI
                                        full height 5.25" drives

PARKIT.ZIP      MAIN    9.4K    09/92   HDD Head park pgm
                                        Hard Disk Head parking utility 
                                        V1.0 by Andrew Appel

PC-PARK.ZIP     MAIN    1.1K    09/92   HD Head parking Pgm from PC Mag
                                        PC Magazine HDD head 
                                        parking program

PCMATA.SYS      MAIN    18K     04/95   

PCMCIA.EXE      PCMCIA  9.0K    01/94   Self-Extract file of all PCMCIA 
                                        devices (MobileMax, MobileMax 
                                        Flash, DeskRunner)

PKUNZIP.EXE     MAIN    28K     03/93   PKUNZIP.EXE V2.04G

PKZ204G.EXE     MAIN    197K    03/93   Self-extracting PKZIP V2.04G 

PLUGNGO.TXT     3RDPARTY1.2K    05/94   Plug N Go External Parallel IDE 
                                        Adapter to allow use of a 1" high 
                                        3.5" IDE drive in an external cabinet 
                                        w/power supply, IDE to Parallel 
                                        adapter and Software to install.

PRESZ110.ZIP    MAIN    58K     12/94   The Partition Resizer: 
                                        Safe HD repartitioning.

QDPMI101.ZIP    MAIN    70K     03/93   QuarterDeck DPMI 
                                        DOS Protected Mode Interface V0.9 
                                        by QuarterDeck A companion to 
                                        QEMM386. Allows PKZIP/UNZIP to 
                                        use EMS/UMB memory and speed up 
                                        execution dramaticly!

QINFO42.ZIP     MAIN    55K     10/93   Nice display of Drives with usage 
                                        and space left, CPU type, speed, etc.

RDP391.LHA      MAIN    98K     05/93   Amiga IDE read multiple fix V3.91
                                        RDPREP for Amiga. Fixes read multi.
                                        problem by informing the Amiga to only 
                                        use 255 sector blocks instead of 256. 
                                        This keeps the data intact.

REBOOTER.ZIP    MAIN    3.6K    10/93   How to build an auto-rebooter 
                                        for a BBS. How-to text file. If your 
                                        BBS hangs while no one is around, 
                                        build this device to automaticaly 
                                        reboot the system.

RIPTM153.ZIP    MAIN    584K    01/94   Ripterm 
                                        1.53 RIP graphics 
                                        communication package.

R_UTILS.ZIP     3RDPARTY110K    10/93   Reynolds Data Recovery Utility Demo

SCANV112.ZIP    MAIN    252K    03/94   McAfee virus scanner (Feb 1994)

SCN-216E.ZIP    MAIN    364K    02/95   VirusScan for DOS new version 2.1.5
                                        (216) 02/23/95 by McAfee, Inc. 
                                        Scans and cleans PC's/LAN's for 
                                        known and new viruses.  Requires 
                                        DOS 3.0+.

SCOPE140.EXE    MAIN    99K     10/93   RS232 Data Analyzer Scope 
                                        View RS232 data streams to 
                                        analyze modem/comm problems. 
                                        V1.40  Self Extracting ZIP.

SCSI.DOC        SCSI    1.7K    01/94   Generic "How To" SCSI installation

SCSI.ZIP        SCSI    205K    11/93   Specs & Jumpers for all SCSI Drives
                                        Specifications & Jumper 
                                        settings for all SCSI Drives

SCSI2GO.DOC     PCMCIA  3.2K    11/94   MXL install for FD SCSI2GO 
                                        Configuration of Future Domain 
                                        SCSI2GO PCMCIA Controller kit 
                                        with the Mobilemax Deskrunner 
                                        This document is in MS Word
                                        for Windows 2.0 format

SEEKTIME.TXT    MAIN    3.5K    08/93   How drive seek times are determined
                                        Document explaining seektime 

SIDE3.TXT       IDE     1.8K    12/93   Acculogic sIDE-3 IDE Adapter card
                                        sIDE-3 Adapter. ANSII Drawing, 
                                        jumpers, etc.

SMRTDTXT.ZIP    MAIN    9.4K    09/92   MS SMARTDRV.SYS & DblBuffer
                                        Text file from MicroSoft about 
                                        using Smartdrive w/ Win V3.11

SPINUP.EXE      MAIN    42K     05/93   For Panther drives to set Spinup 
                                        option. For Panther P0-12S or P1-17S 
                                        drives with "Origional" PCBs. This 
                                        sets the Spinup Option to spin when 
                                        power is applied, or spin up by SCSI 
                                        ID sequence, or spin up each drive in 
                                        13 second intervals. Panther drives 
                                        with "Common" PCBs use jumpers 
                                        and don't need this program.

STACK.ZIP       PCMCIA  177K    05/95   Stacker files, preloaded on flashcards

TCAL            MAIN    24K     07/94   MXT-S Thermal Calib. on/off for MAC
                                        For MXT-1240S & MXT-540SL 
                                        Drives. For Macintosh computers 
                                        Turn TCAL on or off for data 
                                        Caution! Let drive "warm up" for 
                                        about 1 hour before using.
                                        Do NOT leave TCAL disable for too 
                                        long, or drive crash will result.

TCAL.EXE        MAIN    133K    09/94   Turn MXT-S Thermal Calibration on/off
                                        For MXT-1240S & MXT-540SL drives. 
                                        Turn T-CAL on or off from this Pgm. 
                                        Use with caution, Let drive "warm up" 
                                        for at least one hour before using. 
                                        Leaving TCAL off too long (>1 hr) 
                                        could crash the drive!!! 
                                        Self-extracting zip file.

TFFS325.ZIP     PCMCIA  533K    04/95   True Flash Driver v3.2.05.

TIMEPARK.ZIP    MAIN    8.9K    09/92   HDD timed head parking pgm
                                        HDD head parking progrram, 
                                        moves heads to parking zone 
                                        after selectable period of HDD 

UNITATTN.EXE    MAIN    2.3K    08/92   Checking UNIT-ATTENTION on SCSI-Device
                                        This Program is checking the
                                        Unit-Attention (enabled or disabled) 
                                        on every connected SCSI-Device 
                                        supported by the ADAPTEC-ASPI-

UU520.ZIP       MAIN    32K     06/94   UUENCODE/UUDECODE for DOS V5.20
                                        For ASCII encoding and decoding of 
                                        binary files. Usefull for exchanging 
                                        files thru Internet Email attachments 
                                        when Binary attachments won't work.

V10N04.ZIP      MAIN    61K     10/93   PCMag 2/26/92 Incl. MBOOT Boot Mgr Pgm
                                        PC Magazine Vol 10 Number 4. Includes
                                        MBOOT boot manager program.

VIRSIM2C.ZIP    MAIN    65K     11/94   Virus Simulator Ver 2C  -Audit and
                                        demonstrate anti-virus protection.

WASTED20.ZIP    MAIN    28K     12/94   Reports disk space WASTED 
                                        due to cluster size.

WFWG_FIX.TXT    MAIN    789     01/94   Win For WkGrps Fast File Access "Fix"
                                        If your having problems with Windows 
                                        for Work Groups "Fast File Access" 
                                        not working or working slowly, try 
                                        these changes.

WFWIN5.ZIP      MAIN    952K    03/95   IBM Driver for OS/2 for drives 
                                        larger than 528

WIN32BIT.EXE    MAIN    42K     06/96   Ontrack's ONTRACKW.386 Windows 
                                        32-Bit Access Driver SEZ

WPAPERS.ZIP     PCMCIA  33K     04/94   PCMCIA White Papers

XT-INFO         HTML    ---     02/96   Where to get support on XT series drives

XT-1-2K.TXT     MAIN    1.0K    07/96   XT-1XXX and XT-2XXX series 
                                        MFM and RLL drives

XT-4170S.TXT    SCSI    1.6K    03/92   XT-4170S SCSI Drive

XT-4380S.TXT    SCSI    1.6K    03/92   XT-4389S SCSI Drive

XT-8380S.TXT    SCSI    1.5K    05/92   XT-8380S SCSI Drive

XT-8702S.TXT    SCSI    1.6K    05/92   XT-8702S SCSI Drive

XT-8760S.TXT    SCSI    1.6K    05/92   XT-8760S SCSI Drive

XT4SOEM.TXT     SCSI    363K    10/93   XT-4000S OEM Manual for the XT-4170,
                                        XT-4380 SCSI drives 
                                        (minus illustrations)

XT8000JM.TXT    SCSI    1.4K    01/91   Jumpers for the XT-8000S Series
                                        SCSI drives

XT8000SH.JMP    SCSI    2.7K    05/92   XT-8000SH Jumpers

XT8380SH.TXT    SCSI    5.8K    05/92   XT-8380SH SCSI Drive

XT8760SH.TXT    SCSI    5.8K    05/92   XT-8760SH SCSI Drive

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