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*) Where's the FAQ?
There isn't one. But you can search the archives (they go back to Jan. 1996 I believe).
For example, suppose you wanted to see everything on HSRP since January 1998.
The current system can handle simple searches:
- send mail to with the body of the mail containing the text
search nv-l hsrp from 1998/1/1
- in the reply from it will be a list of matching messages, and instructions on how to obtain any (or all) of them.
The note you got when you subscribed says you might want to send a get request to the listserv for some documents on how the list works, LISTSERV MEMO and LISTSERV REFCARD. You can also get LISTDB MEMO. Most people haven't read them but you could become an expert if you are willing to invest the time.
*) Where do I find archives of the list to browse before asking questions that have already been answered?
You can get monthly logs of the list this way:
- send mail to with the body of the mail containing the text
get NV-L LOGyymm
where yy is the 2-digit year and mm the 2-digit month.
*) Where is IBMs NetView page, searching for it leads to a "server is being reorganized" page?
That's probably because there is not a NetView page any longer. NetView is owned by the Tivoli Division now and you get info on it from the Tivoli home page, Click on Products and you will find NetView.

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