My GNUstep applications

Introduction (official blah blah)

GNUstep is an open source implementation of the OPENSTEP standard, which specifies a programming interface for object oriented applications written in the Objective-C programming language. I wrote some applications for the GNUstep libraries, which I present on this page.

Introduction (the real one)

GNUstep really isn't just another framework for object oriented programming - It also recreates the experience of the long-gone days of the NeXTSTEP operating system, which nowadays evolved to be Mac OS X. Because of the common base of GNUstep and Mac OS X, it's possible to run applications without changes on both platforms.

On this page, I present you some of my work. :-)

The applications - a Dict client for GNUstep - a RSS Reader for GNUstep

Download version 0.8-beta as well.

Patches and Miscellaneous Apple VCF compatibility patch

This patch makes AddressManager by Bjoern Giesler a bit more tolerant towards several VCard-Encoding issues in the Apple Address Book application.

I have made a couple of contributions to the Etoile project and its subprojects. Apart from Grr and DictionaryReader, I have also made minor contributions to the Typewriter text editor, the SystemConfig configuration framework and the Camaelon theme engine. Some more links:

The GNUstep Narcissus theme on top of the Camaelon theme engine (using graphics by Jesse Ross) and as an optimized, independent bundle.

My Etoile commit statistics on Ohloh.