Deluxe download


Deluxe is an extension for xboard. Deluxe supports:
  • graphical output
  • playerlist
  • gamelist
  • command-history
  • auto-salut
  • a.o.
  • How to use
    Use deluxe like xboard:
    e.g. deluxe -ics -icshost

  • Sourcen: deluxe-0.04.tar.gz
  • deluxe-linux-i386-dynamic.gz
  • deluxe-aix-static.gz
  • deluxe-SunOS-sparc-dynamic.gz
  • deluxe-SunOS-sparc-static.gz

    Deluxe needs Qt and xboard .

    How to install
  • install Qt and xboard
  • type "gunzip deluxe-0.04.tar.gz"
  • and "tar xvf deluxe-0.04.tar"
  • $QTDIR must be set to the path where the QT package is installed
  • run make
  • Ausgabe back

    Player back

    Games back

    Bugs: Christoph Bauer