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Dear Chess Player,

This is a collection of most of the avaliable online-helpfiles on GICS. They have been created by the authors of the Free Internet Chess Server distribution. Some of them have been completely rewritten for GICS, others are only slightly changed from the original. Thanks to Friar from FICS, who wrote most of the included help files for the different commands and the FICS intro files, which have been reprinted almost unchanged.

This collection is a TeX Document, converted to HTML by the fine LaTeX2HTML converter. In the HTML-Version, all references are Hyperlinks to the corresponding parts of the document. In the printed TeX version you will see the references given as Section and Page.

Still all of the documents are in english, but if you would like to volunteer for a german translation, please let me know!

Klaus Knopper <>

Klaus Knopper <>