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help channel

  Channel 1 is the server help channel. Admins and other helpful, knowledgeable users monitor channel 1 and are ready to assist you. (Use chan 2 for a discussion about server issues.)

If you need assistance about something but don't know whom to contact, ask your question on channel 1. Here's the procedure:

  1. Type the following lines:

    +chan 1 [this will turn channel 1 on for you]
    tell 1 Can someone help me? [this sends the message to channel 1]

  2. Watch your screen for someone asking you what help you need. You may be contacted directly (in a personal tell) or through channel 1 itself (so everyone can listen to the discussion and help out).
  3. If you want to continue talking on channel 1, type:

    tell 1 <message> [everyone on channel 1 will hear you]

  4. When you are done, you can either stay on channel 1, in order to help others and/or learn from their questions, or turn off channel 1 by typing:

    -chan 1 [this will set channel 1 to off for you]

To see who is listening to channel 1 at any given moment, type "inch 1". A list will appear.

See also: channel, channel list, inchannel, intro 2, tell

Klaus Knopper <>