Apt-Cacher NG

What is it?

A caching proxy. Specialized for package files from Linux distributors, primarily for Debian (and Debian based) distributions but not limited to those. See documentation of Apt-Cacher to learn what it's good for.

Why should I use it?

AC-NG does not require an interpreter or huge runtime library. It does not fork during regular operation, it does not create flag files for internal synchronization, does not use flock() or any similar fun stuff.

Instead, it uses native system functions (mmap, sendfile) to operate with few overhead.

And last but not least, there are some goodies like the web frontend to see statistic reports and trigger different actions (i.e. import already available package files into the cache).

Where to get it?

Download current version from the Debian mirror of your choice.

How to use it?

Little configuration on the client side is needed (modification of mirror access URLs or APT's HTTP proxy setting). Extra configuration on the server side may be not neccessary (in the best case) or might need some help (depending on how far the wishes of the sysadmin go). See User Manual for details.


Visit the Alioth project page to subscribe to the mailing list or check the bug/feature trackers.


What would we do without them?

User Introduction Page
Statistics and Control page
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