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KParts Plugin

Browser Plugin using KDE Technology

KParts Plugin

KPartsPlugin in Firefox

This software implements a plugin for Netscape-compatible browsers in Unix environments. This plugin uses KDE's KParts technology to embed file viewers (e.g. for PDF files) into non-KDE browsers. Tested browsers include both Mozilla Firefox and Opera, and is know to work with Chrome and Arora.

With this plugin, you can e.g. view PDF files in Firefox using Okular as an embedded plugin.

Linked at Background and motivation described in my blog.

See ChangeLog file in source package for information on the development process.


Usual Qt4 and KDE4 development packages.
Installation directory
By default, the plugin will be installed into /usr/lib/nsbrowser/plugins/ or /usr/lib64/nsbrowser/plugins/. To change the installation directory, modify variable PLUGIN_INSTALL_DIR in file kpartsplugin/CMakeLists.txt.
Depends on which file types you want to view:
  • Okular to view PDF and PostScript files
  • Calligra Suite (Words, Sheets, Stage, …) for OpenDocument or Microsoft Office files
  • Dragonplayer for most multimedia files
Any KDE KPart will be automatically made available as a browser plugin.

Source Code

Install like any KDE source code via CMake.

openSUSE users can use pre-compiled packages from the openSUSE Build Service. Gentoo users have it in their Portage tree.


Unfortunately, translations do not work yet. This is a known problem and I am still looking for a solution!


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